Privacy and Security


Being an e-commerce company, we take security very seriously! We have deployed some of the largest and best companies and technologies for our website to make sure every transaction is safe, secure, and processed by the best. From our Verisign SSL certifiate to our banking with Royal Bank of Scotland, we use only the best and the biggest companies to secure our transactions. Every check out page and shopping cart page in our catalog is secured by one of the largest SSL providers in the world, and a global standard. 

How can you be sure that your pages are secure when entering your credit card information? Look for the closed "PADLOCK" in your browser window (Explorer & Netscape) or by looking for the secure identifier in the URL bar (Most commonly seen in Safari). This padlock or "secure" icon will appear in all secure pages where payment information is required.  

To understand more about SSL, and how to verify if a page is secure, see this link [ here ] 


Our privacy policy is simple, we share NO information with ANY 3rd party or company. Every order, every email, and every address is used simply to deliver your order and for customer service. It's really that simple!


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