Gift Certificate Policy

Effective January 2013

Due to the administrative and technical processes involved in the issuance and maintenance of gift certificate codes these will no longer be offered by 

Any gift certificate issued after August 2010 is regulated by the U.S. Federal CARD Act which allows for an expiration of value 5 years after the date of issue. Also inactivity and maintenance fees are assesses on the unredeemed value after a 12 month period of inactivity per CARD Act regulations. 

If there is no current customer information after a 36 month period of time the stored value of the gift certificate will be deems "Abandoned" per Texas Business and Commerce Code Section 604 and will be remitted to the Comptroller of Public Accounts for the State of Texas. 

The following fees apply to all gift certificates with unredeemed value: 

Month Following Issuance: 
0 - 12:      No Fee
13:           5% of value
14 - 36:    2% of value
37 - 60:    2% assuming customer known and not classified as abandoned
61:          Expiration of value


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