What is Privacy Film

Privacy film is a great way to add interest and design to standard clear window. The film creates the look of frosted/etched glass at a fraction of the cost. The film provides a translucent level of privacy allowing the light to come into your room while preventing the view into room. 

Where there is light - there is shadow. Translucent privacy films obscure detail from either side of the glass to which they are applied. The “bright” side of a window will naturally cast shadow on the other. 

For example, when you are in your room at night with the lights on -- from the exterior of a window with privacy film you will see shadow and movement in the room but not be able to distinguish any details about the people or the room. During the daytime if you look towards your window the brighter sunlight outside will allow you to see shapes (the shadow) moving within a few feet of the window.  

In an office environment privacy film is often applied to glass walled conference rooms. In this application you would see the shadows of people passing in the hallway along the glass wall but not be able to distinguish who is passing by. 

What Privacy Film Is NOT...

Privacy film is NOT opaque (solid). This means it does not block out all light like a blackout shade or curtain. The privacy film is not appropriate for a space in which you want to completely hide view from both sides of the glass. An opaque vinyl graphic like you would see in a retail or restaurant window or vehicle wrap would be needed to create 100% solid image with no visibility and minimal light transmission. 

What is SHEER Film

Sheer film is intended to provide maximum light transmission by creating “marbled” glass look -- imagine looking through a glass soda bottle. The designer patterns are applied to the semi-transparent film in a permanent eco-friendly white ink. The designs add interest and obscure the view from either side simply by the appearance of the pattern. Sheer film is not ideal for windows in which you want to block a detailed view like a bathroom window, but a perfect fit for a kitchen window that maximizes light and designer style. 


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